Book of Correspondences, 2007 - ongoing

Archive of digital files, pigment prints, autobiographical writings and letters
Book of Correspondences documents the attempt to reclaim my photographic portrait through engagement with an archive of images from which I am now denied access. The project draws from lived experience, framing my account of a series of photographs I made between 2007 and 2009 with another artist who had once been my professor. He is pictured in the photographs, as am I. We were not collaborators, but two people sharing a group of images. He passed away of natural causes on the day that I removed these photographs from exhibition in a gallery. I own a few thousand of the archival images, the entire body of 10,000 photographs deleted by the University that temporarily gained possession of the larger digital archive of the professor's oeuvre. My effort to narrativize a web of legal and imagined ownerships is approached through an ongoing edit of the photographs, contact sheets, autobiographical writings, and correspondences between myself, the deceased artist and university lawyers.