Catwalk Informed By a Priest, 2016

Wood, foam, metal brackets, acrylic paint, digital prints on backlit film, vinyl skylights with glass

Four 2’2” x 20’ x 2’ walkways, two 6’ x 4’ drop-down ceilings, two 6’ x 1’4” x 1” ladders, four 22” x 17” photographs (photo credit: Erik Gould)
Catwalk Informed by a Priest included four sculptures with inset photographs - mixed-media works, reminiscent of theatrical sets with balconies, windows and catwalks - accompanied by a printed loose-leaf interview with Father McAlister, O.P., navigating his intertwined domestic and creative life with Dominican Catholic priest and sculptor Father Thomas McGlynn, O.P. The work was made in response to a year long observation of the Thomas McGlynn Sculpture Collection and Studio at Providence College, a collection curated by Father McAlister. Our interview was conducted inside a recreated Italian apartment on the grounds of Providence College, a replica of the original apartment he once lived in with Father McGlynn. The interview discusses the room, accurate within one half inch of the original, as a conduit for the sculptor's body; its domestic contents include intermingled possessions of Father McAlister, Father McGlynn, and prop objects belonging to neither person, but to the room as a fabricated stand-in. The exhibition was on view at Providence College Galleries from August 24 - October 8, 2016.