Marmalade, 2018

Plywood, metal hinges, fabric, archival pigment print on vinyl, crayon, colored pencil, thread, magnets, wire, handles

4 x 6 x 6 feet

Marmalade was an exhibition on view at The Fort in Brooklyn from February 3 - March 18. The room-sized sculpture of an open book originates from a novella I wrote in third grade; I was nine. Marmalade is broken into less than twenty pages with slanted oversized handwriting. The story of an orange cat plays out, with an illustration of orange matted fur forming the connective tissue of an autobiography. Marmalade's name appears 26 times in the book – as many letters as are in the alphabet, sometimes intact, sometimes interrupted with a line break. The fear of being replaced and the fear of being forgotten, mixed with the aspiration to disappear and the aspiration to be found, are all in this first work. The aspiration to anonymity is also strong.