Traces to Form Concrete Thoughts, 2015

Wood, foam, paint, vines, gravel, digital pigment print bound into storybook with open leaves, garden table with oil lamp, chair, cup and saucer with spoon, laminated novel, gelatin silver prints, music stand, stage light

Wall and platform sized 8 x 5 x 10 feet, digital pigment print sized 10 x 32 inches
A carved rock wall surrounds a window open onto an oversized photograph of a body adrift in still water. A raised platform, fabricated to look like a chunk of raw open ground, invites the viewer into the scene. The construction takes as its starting point the rumored discovery of King Ludwig II afloat in Lake Starnberg in 1886. Staged indoors, the stone facade is suggestive neither of being outside nor inside, so much as of being elsewhere. Traces to Form Concrete Thoughts was included in a 2015 group exhibition called Compound Lens in the Ewing Gallery at The University of Tennessee.